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Which Would You Like to Join, a Table for Six with Japanese Women or an Individual Meeting with a Japanese Woman?

We are planning a Meet and Greet with Japanese Women on Zoom on Sun. Aug. 23rd. 2020, and we would like to ask you which setup do you prefer to join:

Option 1)
a Table for Six with 3 Men and 3 Japanese women (3 on 3) or Option

Option 2)
an Individual Meeting: 1 Man and 1 Japanese woman (1 on 1)?


I made a poll on my Instagram stories. I would appreciate it if you take a look and vote your preference. Please click here on my Instagram. (Please see the stories or events.)


Some people think that a meeting with three Japanese women at one event is more valuable, but other people think meeting only one candidate at one time makes things more successful.


In our experience, a one on one meeting works better for men who have a strong desire for a happy marriage: Usually, they have already met many Japanese women and they know their own preferences.


On the other hand, people who have just begun to search for someone special might prefer to meet as many women as possible, so they most likely will prefer Option 1. This meeting setup will help you to recognize what types of Japanese women you feel attracted to and vice versa.


We would like to learn what is the best way for you to be introduced to our female members and we want to continually improve our service.


Currently, online meeting events are for Full Members Only. If you are interested in meeting Japanese women either at our group meetings or individual meetings, please join our Full Membership and our circle of happiness.



We offer Free Consultation for Eligible clients. We hope it helps you to start taking action!

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