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Learning Japanese Language

Do I Need to Learn the Japanese Language in Order to Correspond with a Japanese Woman?

“Do I Need to Learn the Japanese Language in Order to Correspond with a Japanese Woman?”


To answer this question, it is not necessary for male members to have Japanese language skills, but it would be nice if you can speak a few greeting words in Japanese as doing so will create a stronger emotional connection.  Here are some ideas regarding learning Japanese language skills that we suggest for men.


  1. Japanese women understand that it is much more difficult for men to learn  Japanese language than for women to learn English. Japanese women understand that learning English is realistic and practical if they intend to relocate to a location where he lives after getting married, where English is the primary language.


  1. If you speak Japanese at a beginner level, she will not feel affection for you while you are both speaking Japanese. She will not feel comfortable speaking to you in Japanese at this beginner level and she has no intention of being your Japanese language teacher. For her, it is like she is speaking to a child in Japanese who is just starting to learn the language and it is awkward for her to build a relationship where the communication is at a childlike level. In terms of traditional culture, there are not affluent vocabularies of LOVE in Japanese language, so she feels odd if you tell her you love her in Japanese. Japanese women dream of being a heroine in a Hollywood movie and long for words of love spoken in English.


  1. Japanese Women do not expect you to speak Japanese and at the same time, they do not want you to expect her to have strong English skills. They want you to understand  that they have spent a huge amount of time and effort to learn English. If you show that you are also trying to learn the Japanese language they feel that you are a fair and caring person.


Learning Japanese is not necessary for men, but Japanese women feel happy if you acknowledge that she is trying to learn English. She may be pleased if you show that you are learning a few Japanese words. You don’t have to learn perfect Japanese, but learning each other’s language will help to grow mutual respect and a stronger emotional connection.


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