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  • Speed Dating Events with Japanese Women in NYC was a Big Hit!


Speed Dating Event in NYC

Speed Dating Events with Japanese Women in NYC was a Big Hit!

We hosted our Speed Dating Events in NYC this past weekend.


They were a big hit with everyone who attended!


If you are sincerely looking for a lifelong partner in the New York and New Jersey area, our events are great opportunities for you because most of our female participants live in the NY and NJ area.


The Japanese women who attended the event at this time have proper visas and most of them are employed. They are financially independent, so they are not looking for a greensward sponsor, but they are looking for LOVE and marriage.


This weekend’s events were separated into two different groups based on age as Part I and Part II. If you would like to marry and start your own family, you will need to meet younger women. Yet, if you would like to enjoy DINKs (Double Income No Kids) lifestyle and/or you already have your own kids, it would be better for you to meet women who are in their late 40’s or older.


People in NYC are all busy. Many people say, “I am too busy to date.” If you just go to work and return to your house everyday 5 days a week, you will need to create time to meet new people. We would like to host more Speed Dating Events in NYC to provide more opportunities for those who want to date Japanese women who are looking for a lifelong partner.


If you live in the San Francisco area, our next event is a great opportunity  to meet Japanese women in person.


Speed Dating Event in San Francisco:
I am looking forward to meeting everyone in San Francisco on Sun. Nov. 13th 2016.

Naoko Matsumoto: CEO and Your Personal Matchmaker

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