• Full Membership

Full Membership

What are the Full Membership Benefits?

With our full membership, you will be able to receive full support from TJM’s experienced matchmakers to find your future Japanese partner.

  • 1.Omiai Setting

    TJM’s matchmakers will arrange your “Omiai” meetings (online/face-to-face) with our Japanese female members selected especially for you.

  • 2. Relationship Support

    We will support your relationship with the ladies you are communicating with as an intermediary if needed.

  • 3. Consultation (10 times / year)

    You can receive online consultation to discuss your matches and/or relationship with TJM’s matchmakers.

  • 4. Event Priority

    Full members have priority to join all of TJM’s events.

  • 5. Travel Support

    We will assist you in arranging your trip to Japan.

How to Become TJM’s Full Member

Have you completed your Profile Registration? If you have not done yet, please go to this page.

  • 1. Sign a Contract

    When you are ready to become a full member, we will send you a full registration packet which includes the contract. Please fill in, sign and send them back by email.

  • 2. Make a Payment

    We will send a link to you to remit payment for the membership fee.

  • 3. Your Full Membership Starts

    After we have confirmed your documents and have received your payment, you will start receiving TJM’s full membership service.

Please make the most out of these opportunities to find your beautiful Japanese partner by working together with our expert matchmakers.

Full Membership Fee

・$3,000 for One Year
・No success fee is needed.

Optional Fee

Meeting Fee:

Online meetings are included in the membership fee. For the face-to-face meetings, the first 3 meetings will be no charge during one trip. If you would like to have 4 or more meetings during one trip, $200 extra per meeting will be charged.

Referral Fee:

There may be cases that incur referral fees in searching for your candidates outside of our network. You have the right to refuse those introductions if you don’t agree with the referral fees.

Required documents for Face-to-Face meeting

The following documents are required when you have face-to-face meetings with our female members.

  • 1.HIV Blood Test performed within the last 3 months.
  • 2.Your current valid passport.

Have you completed your Profile Registration? If you have not done yet, please go to this page.

Have you completed Are you a Trial Member? If NOT, please start as a Trial Member before applying as a Full Member.

Full Membership Application Form

All information provided with the application will be sent directly to us and is completely confidential. None of the information provided will be given to other businesses.

*I myself meet TJM's Qualifications
*Full Name First
*My Trial Membership Number
Five digit number that was provided when you signed up for a Trial Member.
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