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Tips for Your Profile Photo

We require three professional photos (Please see sample1) of you taken within the past six months. Include at least two different headshots and one whole body photo. In addition, we require two casual photos (Please see sample 2 and 3) of yourself with your family, friends, pet, car, in your room, doing sports activities, traveling, and so on; anything which shows who you are as a person.

  • finding a japanese woman


  • finding japanese women


  • searching for a Japanese woman


Why are Professional Photos Recommended for Your Profile?

Your chances of meeting our female members, and meeting our more beautiful females, increase greatly if you have your photos taken by a professional photographer. The higher quality photos will impress all of our female members.

We cannot accept the following photos:

Naked photos
Wearing of sunglasses
Photos with your former girlfriend, wife, or significant other
Photos of you while at parties, especially showing you inebriated
Photos taken by mobile phone camera
Too small (min. 100KB)
Too big (max. 1MB)


Full Membership Documents Required to Meet Our Female Members

These documents are required when your meeting with our female members are arranged. These documents are not for us but for our female members. Please show them to our female members at your first meeting. If you are concerned about your privacy, you may cross out any identification numbers, such as social security and passport numbers.

A copy of the page from your most recent federal income tax statement which shows your income and marital status.
HIV blood test performed within the most recent three months
Your current valid passport

Your Privacy is Protected

Your photos, full name, contact information, workplace details or any of your personal information will not be published or be given to any third parties. We do not give out or exchange any members’ personal information.

We appreciate your understanding of our requirement for these personal documents.

Required Documents for Our Female Members

Koseki Tohon : Koseki Tohon is the most personal document which the Japanese government organizes. Koseki Tohon is similar to the social security card in the US. Koseki Tohon shows that she is absolutely single. It also shows her family members’ names on it. It is written in Japanese; however, our staff members will confirm her information for you before the first meeting.

✅ HIV Blood Test performed within the most recent three months
✅ Three of her photos taken within the recent 6 months
✅ A copy of her passport photo page
✅ Membership Agreements Form-01
✅ Payment.

Informal Interview

Since we manage the service through the internet, we believe that meeting in person is a valuable opportunity to have a mutual trusting relationship with our members. We offer a unique and friendly personal service to our members. Once we have created a personal trust with a member as a friend, the introduction process is easier since we will better understand a member’s needs. It is like the natural process of friends being introduced to friends. This personal contact with our members increases your chance for a successful match.

In order to create mutual trust and ensure the safety of our female members, we require an informal interview for all gentlemen who apply to join our Full Membership. There are two methods for the informal interview:

1)Free Consultation Online (by ZOOM)

All men applicants must have a 30-minute online consultation by ZOOM with one of our experienced matchmakers. Schedule Your Appointment

2)Free Consultation in NYC/NJ in Person

We offer 45-minute Free consultation in NYC or NJ for gentlemen who live in the US east coast area. Please contact Naoko to schedule your Free Consultation in NYC/NJ.
Schedule Your Appointment

Your First Meeting Online and in Japan

Generally, your first meeting with our female members is arranged online (by zoom) first, and then, in Japan. TJM’s matchmaker will make arrangements for you and guides you through your first meetings.

Our female members feel more comfortable in our secure setting for the first meeting in Japan. When you have found a woman that you like, please let us know. We are happy to arrange the first meetings with our female members.

How Many Japanese Women Can Youn Meet at One Visit?

We arrange with a maximum of three ladies during your visit to Japan. Some gentlemen, who think that “more” is better, may request to meet with as many Japanese women as possible during their stay in Japan.

The usual result is a disappointment for both these men and our female members since the gentlemen usually don’t know what they want and the ladies feel like just another number. However, when men come to Japan to meet with only one lady, the meeting usually is a success.

What You Need at the First Meeting

We require the following documents prior to your first meeting.
1. A copy of your most recent federal income tax statement.
2. A copy of your HIV blood test performed within the last three months.
3. Your current valid passport.

May I Have the First Meeting In My Country?

That is an exception that we only grant in special circumstances. For example, the lady lives outside of Japan, and therefore it is not easy to meet in Japan.