• Qualifications


The following list is the TJM’s Membership Qualifications for men.

  • You must be SINGLE.
  • You must be 25 – 65 Years Old.
    (Most of our female members are seeking to meet gentlemen in their 30’s – mid 50’s.)
  • You must have a professional job and be financially independent.
  • Your annual income must be US $80,000 or higher.
  • If you live in Japan, you must have a proper visa.
  • You must be willing to visit Japan during the membership service period in order to have your initial meeting(s) with our female member(s).
  • You must be mentally and physically healthy.
  • You must be drug-free.
  • You must be a responsible drinker or alcohol-free.
  • You must not have any aggressive or violent behavior.
  • You must not have been convicted of any crime.
  • You must not engage in rude, obscene, or profane communication or behavior.
  • You must not engage in any kind of harassment.
  • You must be responsible, considerate, and sincere.
  • You must be willing to respect and learn about Japanese culture.
  • You must communicate openly and truthfully with TJM and our female members.
  • You must be willing to seriously marry a Japanese woman from our service if you develop a serious relationship.
  • You must agree with TJM’s Terms and Use.

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