• Free Consultation Online

Free Consultation Online

Free Consultation Online

We are offering Free Consultation Online by one of our matchmakers. At the consultation, we are happy to answer all of your questions. We also explain how our matchmaking service works for you.
※Photo ID is required at the consultation.

After Receiving a Consultation…

If you are interested in receiving female members’ profiles selected by our experienced matchmakers, please register your profile on our system. Our matchmakers will work for you to select your “Best Matches” after your Profile Registration is completed.


Free Consultation Online: Application Form

All information provided with the application will be sent directly to us and is completely confidential. None of the information provided will be given to other businesses.

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    Why TJM Requres Your Address?We require all of our me mbers to provide their complete contact information, including current address, in order to ensure the safety of our members.

    *Current Residence (State)

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    *Marital Status

    *Annual Income

    * What is your ideal Japanese wife's age range ?

    For Example 35-42

    *Would you like to have children?

    *Would you like your wife to work after getting married?

    *Why would you like to choose a Japanese woman as a lifelong partner?

    * What are the key characteristics of your ideal wife? (Appearance, age, educational background, etc.)

    *What do you expect your wife to do after getting married? (housewife, career, education, have children, etc.)

    *How will you make your Japanese wife happy?

    *Current thought of marriage?

    *Are you prepared to visit Japan if you find a good match?

    *If you have any questions, please ask here.


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