• Frequently Asked Questions about Traditional Japanese Matchmaker

Frequently Asked Questions about Traditional Japanese Matchmaker

If you have any questions, please review the FAQ page where many of the most common questions are answered. If you do not see your question answered there, you may email us below and we will respond to your question as soon as we can.

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Who may enroll for TJM’s Membership?

Our membership is open to professional businessmen worldwide who are college-educated, financially independent and desire a long-term relationship and marriage with a Japanese Woman.

Please read the Membership Qualifications carefully as we only accept applications that meet all of the following criteria.


How do I become a member?

Our membership is a seven-step process. To learn more about the steps, please schedule your Free Consultation. Our matchmaker will explain the process and answer all of your questions about TJM’s services. For more information, please read 7 Steps to Find Your Match.

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Why should my annual income be over $80,000?

We require a minimum annual income for our male members so that we can be assured that he can support our female members, if necessary.

Although most of our female members are financially independent with their own careers in Japan, it is not very easy for some of them to find a new job in your country. She may have to learn your country’s language and make cultural and career adjustments.

It may take more than six months for her to obtain a permanent resident visa and work permit. So your financial support will be necessary when she starts a new life in your country.

Men who expect financial support from our female members can not be accepted as our members.


What are the photo requirements for my own profile?

We require three professional photos that are taken within the past six months.
Your chances of meeting our female members increase greatly if you have your photos taken by a professional photographer. The higher quality photos will have a greater impact with our female members.

For more information, please read the Tips for Your Profile Photo.


How are my introductions delivered to me?

Our experienced matchmakers will select your candidates based on the personal criteria of your profile. If there is a female member you would like to get introduced to, we will arrange an online or face-to-face meeting for you. Full membership sign-up is needed to arrange the meeting.


Why should I go to Japan for the first face-to-face meeting(s)?

There are several reasons why we ask our male members to come to Japan first. It is the best way to show your seriousness to our female members. It is a good chance for you to learn about her background and culture. Our female members’ safety is also very important for us.


Should I speak Japanese?

This is NOT really necessary.

All of our female members can speak English, so you can communicate in English with her. Of course, it would be wonderful for her if you are willing to learn Japanese and their culture.


How do women become members?

Our female members have submitted required documents including their proof of single status. One-on-one interviews are conducted to prescreen the applicants before they are accepted as a member. We accept only those who are serious and ready to find their future partner abroad.


Why is TJM’s Success Rate high?


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