• Why TJM


Do you wish to marry a Japanese woman?

If so, you’ve come to the right place! Traditional Japanese Matchmaker (TJM) is
the only online matchmaker focused solely on helping Japanese women find
true love and a happy marriage. Our female clients were born and raised in Japan
and they’ve become TJM members because they are sincerely looking
for a lifelong partner.

Tired of online dating?

Each year, millions of people turn to the Internet to find true love and
a happy marriage with no success. The truth is, most online matchmakers
are really just dating services.

Why is Traditional Japanese Matchmaker so successful?

Traditional Japanese Matchmaker is NOT an online dating service. Our experienced
matchmakers, certified by the Matchmaking Institute of New York City, are here to help you find your Japanese wife and loyal partner. We listen and get to know you so we can personally
recommend our female members who best match your needs and then coach and guide you through the process of building a relationship that leads to marriage.

Over 20 years, Traditional Japanese Matchmakers has built a solid reputation as the most reliable and successful online matchmaker for western men seeking to marry Japanese women.
If you are ready to get serious about finding love and marriage, we are here to help you make your dream come true.