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A Coffee and Cocktail Meeting with Japanese Women

A Coffee and Cocktail Meeting with Japanese Women

Recently we started a Zoom Meeting Event Series called, “A Coffee and Cocktail Meeting with Japanese Women”. Last week, we held it for gentlemen who are in their 50’s and 60’s and for Japanese women in California who are in their 40’s and 50’s. 


It’s a warm and cozy event. And, the participants of our events always say that it was more fun and much better than joining typical speed dating events because they can talk more and feel closer to the other people on Zoom. You can talk to each Japanese woman for 15 minutes.


At this recent event, we had one couple form as a result, and after the previous event, we had four couples form. One of the couples who met at our event is already in an exclusive relationship. They got a chance to meet the right person at our event, and we are proud of it!


A Coffee and Cocktail Meeting with Japanese Women

● Sat Dec. 5th, 2020: 19:00 to 20:30 (San Fransisco)
● Sat Dec. 5th, 2020: 22:00 to 23:30 (New York) 
Sun Dec. 6th, 2020: 12:00 to 12:30 (Japan)

The next event will be on Sat Dec. 5th, 2020. This is the last Zoom event in 2020. We will invite male members who are in their 30’s and 40’s and female members in Japan who are in their 20’s and 30’s. (This event is for members only.)


If you would like to get married in 2021, “A Coffee and Cocktail Meeting with Japanese Women” is one of the greatest meeting opportunities in 2020 where you can start communicating with Japanese women!



We look forward to meeting you at our member events!


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