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Why Be Alone for Valentine’s Day When You Can Have a Japanese Wife?

Two days ago, one of our member couples wrote to us with this text, “WE ARE ENGAGED!” and included their happy photo. He is visiting her now, and they are having a wonderful Valentine’s Day together. Seeing their happy smile, makes me feel very happy to have been their matchmaker.


If you are still single since last year’s Valentine’s Day in spite of wanting to find a Japanese woman, it is time to access your goals and your plan of action.


  1. Look for Your Future Japanese Wife in the Right Place:
    Many people are trying to find a wife by using online dating sites following their own outdated and unsuccessful methods. For example, men 60 and older typically look for Japanese women who are in their 30’s, but they don’t want to have any children. Making your dream may come true if you have a lot of time and money. However, if you have done this for many years with no success, it would be better to access whether you are in the correct market. Otherwise, you might never realize your dreams. In order for you to meet your best matches, receiving a consultation with one of our matchmakers will improve your prospects dramatically.
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  1. Prioritize Your Dream of Finding the Right Person:
    Saying “I am too busy!” will never work or I live in a busy environment will never get you where you want to go. You must make a decision to prioritize your dream to find a Japanese woman.


  1. Make a Plan to Visit Japan in 2016:
    Despite saying “I want to meet Japanese women,” there are many men who have never thought of visiting Japan. If you come to Japan you will definitely be able to meet out Japanese female members. Planning to visit Japan in 2016 will help you increase your chance of meeting your right person. We will host a “Meet and Greet with Japanese Women Event” in the summer of 2016. If you really want to make your dreams come true, plan to visit Japan this year.


The member couple who just got engaged made a lot of effort last year. They received monthly consultations with one of our matchmakers, we advised both of them on how best to proceed, and we encouraged them to prioritize making their dreams of finding a lifelong partner come true. Both of them are very busy with their work, but he visited Japan two times, and she visited him one time. Very often, the process of finding a partner is NOT magic, rather it happens when they both become our members and take decisive action. They are so happy to be together on Valentine’s Day this year. You can experience the same result!


To assist you in creating a Happy Valentine’s Day in 2017 with your future Japanese partner, we are offering a Free Consultation. We hope it will help you to make your dreams come true. Contact us now to make your dream come true!


We are always happy to assist you!
Naoko Matsumoto: CEO and Your Personal Matchmaker


Happy Valentine’s Day!

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