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Things You Can Help Her to Improve Her English Skill

I talked with one of our male clients who is creating a great relationship with one of our female members. He traveled to Japan for several meetings with Japanese women last year, and then he decided to communicate with one woman in order to know her more. His status is IN RELATIONSHIP so he told us that he doesn’t need any more introductions. Wow! That was quick.


“You have changed my life!” I am happy and proud of myself when I hear these words. Thank you very much!


He asked how he can help her to improve her English skills. We appreciate hearing this question since we feel that he is willing to help her very much. Accumulating language skills is challenging for everyone. So we would like to share some tips on how you can help her with her English Skills.


  1. Watch Netflix
  2. Watch TedTalks (https://www.ted.com/ )
  3. Watch NHK World News. (https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/live/ )
  4. Watch “Bilingirl” on the YouTube Channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPlreGCqby4Qg9Vuem5scpw )
  5. Talk with her as many times as possible.



  1. Watch Netflix.

Netflix is an American company, but there is Netflix Japan. So, most of you can watch most of the same movies that Netflix provides. Choose some romantic movies and watch them together even though there is the distance between you and her. Share how you feel after watching the same movie. I recommend romantic movies, such as New Cinema Paradise.


  1. Watch Ted Talks

Ted Talks provides more academic topics than general movies. They have smart phone app, and she can watch many great speeches while she goes to work every day. Most of the topics have both Japanese and English scripts, so she can understand the article without a dictionary.


  1. Watch NHK World News. (https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/live/ )

Watching NHK World News is great for you and her. She can understand Japanese news in English easily because she knows most of the news on the Japanese news channel. It is great for you to learn what’s happening in Japan.


  1. Watch “Bilingirl” on the YouTube Channel ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPlreGCqby4Qg9Vuem5scpw )

“Bilingirl” is a great YouTube Channel to learn English that you can use for communication. Chika is Japanese, but she can speak English perfectly. She has been in the US since she was a child. She teaches communication English very well and it’s so much fun!


  1. Talk with her as many times as possible by email, What’s App, LINE, and Skype.

Creating a long distance relationship with mutual trust is challenging for both our male and female members. However, it is getting easier to make synchronizations with her by using digital communication tools and apps. Although there is a long distance between you and her, you can share your feelings and opinions with her after watching the same movies and programs on Netflix, Ted Talks, NHK World News, and or Bilingirl on the YouTube channel.



Let us know how you have learned to cope with the long distance relationship and if there were any problems between you and her because of the distance. Sharing your experiences will help all men and Japanese women who have the same problems now.


Thank you very much!

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