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Meet Japanese Women in JAPAN

Meet Japanese Women in JAPAN: TJM Travel Concierge Hotline Will Come Soon!

Travel Japan Amnet

Last week, I went to NYC and met Mr. Nakagawa who owns a Japanese travel agency that is called Amnet. http://www.travelwithamnet.com/branch-locations


The company’s headquarter office is in NYC, and there are seven branches in the US in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, Orange County, Honolulu, Dallas, and Miami. Also, there are two offices in Japan in Tokyo and Osaka.


I asked Mr. Nakagawa if his company can take care of our male clients who want to travel to Japan. Our male members travel to Japan in order to meet our female members. They purchase airline tickets and hotel rooms that are reasonable for them. They may need a JR Rail Pass. I asked, “Would you help our members make travel plans to Japan?”


He said “YES! We are HAPPY TO HELP!”


We discussed about this topic for an hour. He promised to start a new service for our male members named, “TJM Travel Concierge Hotline”. Whenever you call to TJM Travel Concierge Hotline, the staff at Amnet will support you. TJM Travel Concierge Hotline is a 24-hour service for TJM members only. It works whenever and wherever you are. 


We appreciate Mr. Nakagawa and all his staff at Amnet. Thank you very much!


We hope this new service makes it easier for you to plan your visit to Japan and that more male members will travel to Japan in order to meet single Japanese women.


“TJM Travel Concierge Hotline” is currently not available as it is under development. We will announce when this service is available. We are looking forward to starting this service very soon.


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