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Japanese Women Valentine's Day and White Day

How to Send a Valentine’s Day Gift to Your Japanese Woman

I Need Some HELP! Would you have a recommendation for a florist to use to send her flowers on Valentine’s Day?

We received a message from one of our male members.

YES! we are happy to help!

Here are some online florists where you may place an order and have flowers delivered in Japan.


One of our male members recommended this website. He sent flowers with this site to the Japanese woman whom he is corresponding with.

Aoyama Flower Market:


When you google, “send gifts to japan” you will see many search results, and it is hard to choose one. And, we are not sure if these shops are reliable.
These two flower shops listed above look nice and reliable.


Culturally Different Definition of Valentine’s Day in Japan:
In Japan, Valentine’s’ Day is the day that women give gifts to their love. And typically, the gifts are CHOCOLATES. If you have a Japanese woman you may receive a box of chocolates.

Whte Day?:
Also, in Japan, there is White Day on March 14th. White Day is the day Japanese women expect a gift from their love as a return thank you for their Valentine’s Day Gift. Usually, its cost should be more than the chocolate you were given. Men are supposed to go to Jewelry shops or brand shops to select a White Day’s Gift for her.

In Japan, Valentine’s Day and White Day are heavily marketed by Japanese department stores. These two days are celebrated through much of Asia in this way.

Our Female Members are Different:
Our Japanese women are not typical Japanese women. They have learned about many of the cultural differences between western and eastern cultures. They understand that Valentine’s Day is the day for men and women to do something romantic with their significant other or to send cards and flowers to say that they are thinking of each other.

Japanese women do not expect Valentine’s Day or White Day Gifts, and they will be very surprised and happy if they receive something (anything) that shows you are thinking of her.

Happy Valentine’s Day!  


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