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The Reason That He Divorced

The Reason That He Divorced

When a Japanese woman asks the reason that you have divorced, how do you answer her? (This question is only for men who have had a divorce experience.)

  1. Because she had issues
  2. Because you had issues
  3. He never answered or changed the subject

In our experiences, many men make mistakes and say the reason he got divorced was because of her issues. He says that he was never wrong. She was totally a bad woman.


Listening to words like that from him, how does a Japanese woman who expects to create a new relationship with him feel?


Obviously, she will not be happy. On second thought, she may wonder if he is the right person for her. Actually, we receive lots of feedback from our female members after they have started communicating with their candidates and heard the story of their candidates’ reasons of divorce. When they hear men saying such negative things about their ex wives they decline and end their relationship.


Have you had a similar experience like this?


If you say that the reason for the divorce was partly or totally your fault or you didn’t care about her enough, a Japanese woman understands that you are the one who is sincere and trustable.


So, if you are divorced, please never ever say to a Japanese woman that it was only because your ex-wife had issues. Please show your ex wife appreciation and pray for her future happiness. That way, a Japanese woman will respect you and feel secure with you.


Additionally, we recommend telling a Japanese woman something like, “I am divorced and I am single now. It is because of destiny that we have met!” “God bless you!”


Hearing your words, a Japanese woman must feel happy!


This is the greatest way to tell a Japanese woman the reason that you got divorced.


Naoko Matsumoto
Founder & CEO of Traditional Japanese Matchmaker


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