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Meet and Greet with Japanese Women in Tokyo 2023

Meet and Greet with Japanese Women in Tokyo 2023

We are excited to announce our event, Meet and Greet with Japanese Women in Tokyo 2023, which will take place this summer.

The event will be held on the July 4th weekend, with the possibility of hosting it on July 8th or 9th. We will provide more details soon. If you plan on traveling to Japan this summer, we invite you to join us.


Here are some tips to prepare for TJM’s Meet and Greet with Japanese Women in Tokyo 2023:

TJM’s Meet and Greet with Japanese Women in Tokyo 2023
July 8th or 9th、2023

1. It is a Full Member Only Event
2.Remarkable date on May 8th 2023
3.Flight Ticket Information


1.It is a Full Member Only Event

TJM’s Meeting Events are exclusive to our Full Members. If you haven’t scheduled TJM’s Free Matchmaking Consultation, we recommend starting here. This will help you understand the details of our service. After signing up for your profile registration, you will receive profiles of some of our female members. If you think they’re good matches for you, and they think the same of you, you can sign up for TJM’s Full Membership in order to meet them on Zoom before traveling to Japan.

You can meet them in person when you visit Japan, and you can meet more single Japanese women in Tokyo by joining our event. Additionally, you can meet TJM’s matchmakers, Luna and Naoko, in Tokyo. We hope this makes you feel more comfortable and confident in finding your lifelong partner. We are here to support you in your partner search.
TJM’s Meet and Greet with Japanese Women Event is a Full Members-only event because it’s designed to make your dreams come true, and many of our members have found success through our events.


2.Remarkable date on May 8th 2023

As of February 2023, people are still wearing masks in Japan. If you travel to Japan by flying with Japanese airlines such as JAL or ANA, the companies strictly require passengers to wear masks at the gate. You may find it strange, as not many people are wearing masks at airports in the US. US airlines have not required masks since early last year. Currently, even flight attendants on US airlines do not wear masks on airplanes.

Recently, Prime Minister Kishida announced that he will change Covid regulations on May 8th, 2023. We’re not sure what exactly will be changed on this date, but we hope that regulations related to Covid-19 will be relaxed and that Japan will join the world standard.
We highly recommend checking the news for travel regulations related to Covid-19 in Japan, as these may officially change on May 8th, 2023.


3.Flight Ticket Information

Airfares are currently expensive. We heard from a friend in DC who traveled to Japan with her husband and child last December during the high season. She paid over 3000 USD for each Y class ticket, totaling over 9000 USD, which is over 1,200,000 yen. Before the pandemic, tickets to Japan usually cost between 1500 and 2000 USD. So, travel fees may be a concern.

Have you heard of Zip Air? Zip Air is a Low-Cost Carrier (LCC) airline in Japan. They provide services to Tokyo, Honolulu, San Jose, Los Angeles, Seoul, Singapore, and Bangkok.


Some of my Japanese friends who live on the US East Coast travel to Los Angeles using domestic airlines and then transit to Japan using Zipair to save money.  If you’re comfortable, using LCC companies may be a good choice for you.


TJM’s Meet and Greet with Japanese Women in Tokyo 2023 will be on July 8th and/or 9th. We will announce details of the event once it has been decided.


Since July 4th weekend is the high season for traveling, it would be nice to start planning your trip to Japan in advance.


Also, the decision making of traveling to Japan will encourage you to marry a Japanese woman. Let’s make your dreams come true in 2023!


Naoko Matsumoto
Founder and CEO
Traditional Japanese Matchmaker



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