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Increase Your Ability to Meet the Right Japanese Woman!

Do This Survey If You Want to Increase Your Ability to Meet the Right Japanese Woman!

Last week, we introduced a FREE survey that was made by VIA Institute on Character. If you haven’t tried it, please check it out.


【VIA Character Strength Survey】https://www.viacharacter.org/Survey/Account/Register


This is the article:

If you completed the survey, you will have received some KEYWORDS that show your character types. You will see your strengths. For example, creativity, gratitude, leadership….


VIA Institute explains 24 character types.


When you write your own profile, please describe yourself with these keywords that shape your strength. In addition, writing about some particular examples is very helpful for Japanese women since they provide a more complete picture of you.


After you have completed your profile that shows your strengths, Japanese women will read it carefully and may say that they would like to meet with you. The point is to meet all the women who would like to meet with you.


Especially, if they selected you based on the character types you have written in your profile, the possibility that she is the right woman for you will be high. That would be a lot better than meeting women who are attracted to you based solely upon your annual income or assets.


In order to increase the likelihood of meeting the right Japanese women, allow them to understand your character and personality.


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