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  • A Japanese Female Doctor Wants to Meet You!


A Japanese Female Doctor Wants to Meet You!

A Japanese Female Doctor Wants to Meet You!

Would you like to live in Japan?


One of our female members who is in her late 30’s would like to meet men who would like to live in Japan after getting married.


She is a female doctor and her career is based in western Japan.


She decided not to meet traditional Japanese men in Japan because in general most Japanese men do not want to meet women who have a higher career than they have. She didn’t feel that she was respected by men whom she met before. So, now she wants to find her Mr. Right.


She thought meeting men who come from a different cultural background from her is a wise choice in looking for her lifelong partner and will ultimately result in success. She believes that men and women are equal as human beings. That is why she came to us at Traditional Japanese Matchmaker.


The only thing she is concerned about is that she wants to keep working as a doctor in Japan. She is ambitious and proud to be a doctor and her life’s mission is to help people.


Our team of matchmakers are currently searching for men who want to relocate to Japan after getting married. It would be ideal if you already have a job in Japan as an EXPAT, you are an IT person who can do remote work, or if you have an early retirement.


She wants to have children in the near future. So, she is looking for men who are in their 40’s.


If you are interested in this female doctor in Japan, please let us know ASAP. The process is as follows.


STEP1 : Free Registration:


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STEP3 : Full Member:


Also, please read our website carefully.


If you have any questions, feel free to ask TJM!


We hope that the day you can visit Japan to meet Japanese women will come soon!


Naoko Matsumoto
Founder & CEO of Traditional Japanese Matchmaker


Naoko Matsumoto Traditional Japanese Matchmaker

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