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Realizing Happiness

Realizing Happiness

I just came back from a trip to NYC. The reason for my trip was to attend a course titled Positive Psychology that is hosted by Ari Matsumura, PhD. She is a Japanese woman who lives in NYC. Most of the students attending the class were Japanese women who live in NYC. It was a great opportunity to meet new people who have an interest in positive thinking and self-help guidance.


The theme for the course is wellbeing. Dr. Matsumura teaches us how to figure out the causes of happiness and how to create lifelong happiness. There is too much info from this course to share with you at one time. However, I will share parts of the course with you on this blog going forward. The course offers helpful information for our members since all of our members are looking for a happy marriage.


The course dealt with finding out the causes of unhappiness and how to prevent it, and conversely, how to focus on increasing happiness. We discussed the causes of happiness and unhappiness in our daily lives. We wrote out many causes of happiness and unhappiness. After that, we also listed behaviors that bring about happiness. Examples include, eating tasty foods, watching movie, listening to music, being with your family, nursing your dog, and others.


In the class we recognized that happiness is everywhere. Feeling it and sharing it with someone is very important, since we tend to ignore our daily happiness.  We also shared with group members good things that happened to us. By focusing on good things, we understand how much happiness we already experience.


Actually, my husband asks me and our son every day what good things happened for us today at the dinner table. Sharing good moments helps our family to realize our happiness.


If you are in a relationship with someone, I recommend sharing both of your daily happiness with each other. Doing so will help you to learn more about her and what makes her happy.

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I am going to go to NYC to learn more about Positive Psychology next week. I will share more about this fascinating course with you in the future.


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