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Are you ready to Marry a Japanese Woman?

Are You Ready to Make Your Dream of “Marrying a Japanese Woman” Come True?

If you are a businessman, you may have a sense of accomplishment from being successful at work.

When you complete your job project you contribute to your company’s sales, and you may receive a higher position in the office.

Most likely you must spend a lot of time and effort to discuss with your team on how to successfully complete your project within the due date. An excellent businessman must never be lazy or delay his projects.


Likewise, when you are a student, you must complete the assignments that your professor gives you at the University. You must make a lot of effort in order to complete them within the due dates so that you will obtain credits.


However, what about your dream of marrying a Japanese woman? Do you think that this dream is any easier to accomplish or requires less commitment than work or school?


As a matchmaker, I have met and interviewed hundreds of male clients who are single professionals.

They are successful in their careers, but I realized that even successful men do not recognize that their dream of marrying a Japanese woman takes a real commitment like one makes for one’s job or while attending university.

Since they often do not see their dream as requiring a commitment, they often do not care about the due date. In fact, they usually never decide the date/month/year when they want to be with their partner to start their new happy life.

I am surprised that most of them just think “someday, I will marry a Japanese woman.” But, it is not that easy. It is NOT automatic. Rather, you must make a plan and have a strong commitment to completing this plan. When you have a dream of marrying a Japanese woman, there is no professor who gives you assignments to complete nor is there a boss to tell you what to do and give you deadlines. Obtaining your dream of marrying a Japanese woman is ALL UP TO YOU.


I talked about this subject with one of our new male members in NYC last week. He has started to communicate with some of our female members. He already has planned to visit Japan in May this year, and he has signed up for TJL’s Speed Dating Event in NYC on April 16th.

Here is the detail of our Speed Dating Event with Japanese Women in NYC.


I am sure that he will make his dream come true, since I can see that he has a real commitment to his dream and he is taking decisive action to make his dream come true.


As you can see, only YOU can make your dreams come true! Only you can make a commitment, make a plan, take action, and then you will receive your desired result. Of course, becoming a member of TJL greatly increases your chances of making your dream of marrying a Japanese woman come true.


As the most successful Japanese matchmaker, I am happy to assist you in making your dream of marrying a Japanese woman come true! When you become our member, your success is almost guaranteed!


I hope you are inspired to make your dreams come true! I look forward to talking with you!

Naoko Mastumoto


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