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Where Would You Like to Live after Getting Married to a Japanese Woman?

Where Would You Like to Live after Getting Married to a Japanese Woman?

This article assumes that you and your future Japanese wife have decided to live in Japan. So, this article may not pertain to your situation if you want to live in your own country after getting married since there are many Japanese women who want to relocate to your country.


“I want to live in Japan after getting married.”

Some of our female members think like that. Of course, our female members are single Japanese women who want to marry a man with a different cultural background.

So, if you are a single professional who wants to live in Japan after getting married to a Japanese woman, you will be able to be introduced to many candidates.

Actually, we understand that it would be a challenging dream for most of our male members to live in Japan even though they wish to do so. There are some things to discuss with your future partner to make it happen if you want to live in Japan after getting married.


Main Topics to Discuss with Your Partner

1)Can You Speak Japanese?
2)Can You Find a Job in Japan?
3)Is She Supportive?
4)About Your Children (If you wish to have in the future)
5)About Your Parents / Family in Your Home Country


1)Can You Speak Japanese?

There are many male members who say “I can speak Japanese.” We are glad to hear that they are interested in the Japanese language and culture, but we understand that learning to speak and write the Japanese language on the same level as a native Japanese speaker is much more difficult for many people than learning English.


If you decide to relocate to Japan after getting married, it may take a while for you to get used to the living environment in Japan, and you will need her daily support in order to not become overwhelmed by the following feelings:




These problems will be solved after a while, but your partner’s support is necessary. 


2)Can You Find a Job in Japan?

Finding a Job in Japan is hard since there are very limited positions for foreign people to be hired in most companies in Japan. So we always tell our female members to keep in mind the following things when they are looking for a future partner who wants to live in Japan after getting married.


・She should not expect him to be a breadwinner.

・She should not expect him to earn over $100,000 a year. 

・She should not give him any pressure when he and she start to live in Japan.


The “KEY” in starting a successful Japanese life is finding a job that you like with no pressure or huge expectations from her.




3)Is She Supportive?

As we talked about, if you both decide to live in Japan after getting married, you will need her language support and financial support, and this may take a big toll on her physical and emotional health. 


For example,

If your computer is broken, can you call customer support and explain the issue in Japanese?


If you receive some local information from the Japanese government, can you take action in order to complete it by the due date?


Can you talk to your child’s school teachers and the parents of his/her classmates in Japanese? Obviously, your Japanese wife will have to do almost all daily chores by herself.

If you relocate to Japan after getting married, you will have to be heavily dependent on her and you may lose your pride.


Can you be patient?


As I have been married and living in the US for about 15 years, my husband helps me with issues that may come up, and I appreciate that my husband is very helpful.


When relocating to Japan, her entire support and thoughtful consideration to each other are necessary.


4)Children’s Education in Japan

Most international couples have great discussions about their children’s education.

For example, which country has a higher educational level between the US and Japan? The answer is the US according to The World’s Top 100 Universities. 



The University of Tokyo is the top-rated university in Japan, but it is 24th in the world. The Top 10 universities are always in the US or UK.


In the future, if your child wants to go to a university in the US, deciding where to live in order to let your children have a higher education is a very important choice.


You will feel that the Japanese education system teaches children in a  standardized way, yet the education in the US may help to grow children who are unique and generous. 


5)The Issues with You and Her own Parents and Family

One of the main reasons that our female members want to live in Japan after getting married is that she wants to take care of her old parents. 


And, you may have your own parents and/or family in your own country that you may need to take care of at a certain time,


Who is going to support them after you leave your home country?


Marriage is not about you and her. Marriage is whether you feel accepted by her family and she feels accepted by your family. And, both you and she need to choose the best choice for each one’s parents and family.


I found a great YOUTUBE video that shows a young couple who met in the US and married, and they decided to relocate to Japan and raise their children in Japan. I would like to share the following link.




Naru chan and Jacob will move to her hometown of OKINAWA in 2022. They will open their cafe and bar there, so their friends will be able to visit them in Okinawa. Sounds fantastic, doesn’t it?


I hope this YouTube video helps you to visualize how you and your future wife may start a new life in Japan if your dream is to marry a Japanese woman and living in Japan. 



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