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New TJM Service: One and Three Online Meeting Started in April 2014

We started a new service called “One and Three Online Meeting” in April 2014.


What is One and Three Online Meeting?
This service is for TJM’s Full Members only. We choose three women who are your best matches for you based on your profile, and set up a Skype meeting. Using Skype conference call, you and your three matches will be able to talk together in one conference call. One of TJM’s staff members will attend the Skype meeting, so there are 5 people in total in the call. Everyone will introduce themselves to start the discussion where you can get to know the members in a peaceful atmosphere.


What are the Benefits of the One and Three Skype Meeting?

  1. You will have the opportunity to talk with three female candidates at the same time on Skype.
  2. You will get to know your candidates more thoroughly by hearing their voices, listening to them think out loud, hearing them laugh, and so on. This is a much better experience than simply surfing on the web or reading our female members’ profiles and photos, which are much more passive experiences.
  3. TJM makes the whole experience easy for you by handling everything for you. We select your best matches and set up the conference calls.


This service is for new male Full Members who have not made any contact requests yet. If you have already started communicating with one or more TJL female members, we recommend you to prioritize your candidates. You can also use this service while you are a Full Member with no contact.


We had our first One and Three Skype Meeting on Fri April 4th with one of our male members in Texas who spoke to two of our female members, one in Chiba, Japan and the other in Kyushu, Japan. Unfortunately, our third female member was absent because she was away on a business trip. The meeting was started at Fri 7pm (CST) in Texas, 8pm(EST) TJM staff and Sat 9am(JPT) in Japan. All of us were talking in relaxed atmosphere, and we had a nice time. Usually, it is hard to get to know each other with simply by reading our members’ profiles, but once we started talking on Skype, we relaxed and listened. During the lively conversation we noticed each other’s personality since we were watching live video where we saw each other’s gestures, tone of voice, conversation flow, how we reacted to each other, and so on. Live video provides valuable feedback that is impossible to replicate through email and reading our member’s profiles. You will also quickly notice our female members’ English speaking abilities. We believe that TJM’s exclusive One and Three Skype Meeting will help you to learn how Japanese women sincerely feel, think, talk, and dream to meet a lifelong partner.


If you would like to try TJM’s One and Three Skype Meeting, feel free to ask TJM’s Staff.


We are always happy to assist you!
Naoko Matsumoto: CEO and Your Personal Matchmaker


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