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Jason and Yoriko’s Success Story: Finding Love with a Traditional Japanese Matchmaker

We would like to share one of TJM’s happy couples’ successful stories.


Jason and Yoriko got married last summer, and since then they have lived in Chicago.


We are happy for you!


Please click here to listen to Jason and Yoriko’s voices. Discover how they met through TJM and made their dreams come true.

Jaspn and Yoriko in Chicago



We would like to highlight the timeline detailing how Jason and Yoriko met and nurtured their relationship.


Timeline leading to marriage:

While traveling in Japan, Jason became deeply enamored with the country and began hoping to marry a Japanese person.


September 2018: We received an initial inquiry from Jason. March 2019: Jason reached out to us for the second time. May 2019: Jason registered his profile with us. Shortly after his registration, we introduced him to Yoriko. June 2019: Upon becoming a full member, we arranged a meeting between Jason and Yoriko.


Soon after their introduction, the two quickly hit it off, and it didn’t take long for them to establish an exclusive relationship.


In November 2019, Jason visited Japan to meet Yoriko. By January 2020, we received New Year’s greeting messages from both Jason and Yoriko, indicating that their relationship was continuing to progress smoothly.


Afterwards, as the world was hit by the pandemic, circumstances for the couple changed. Jason had planned to visit Japan again in May 2020 to see Yoriko, but inevitably had to cancel. His work situation also shifted. During the periods of staying at home and facing challenging days, Yoriko was there to provide encouragement and support.


On January 1, 2022, we received a joyous message from Yoriko saying, “Yesterday, Jason proposed to me over Skype!” We were truly elated. Their love had triumphed over the pandemic, bringing immense joy to us as matchmakers.


Following their engagement, there were several exchanges with our staff regarding the procedures for obtaining a fiancée visa. By July 2022, we were informed that after completing the formal procedures, Yoriko had safely arrived in the United States. At last, the two were truly able to begin their married life together.


Subsequently, in September 2022, we had the privilege of recording this interview video.



Covid pandemic:

During the very time when the world was grappling with the pandemic, the two of them were bound by a strong bond, allowing them to persevere. It was the strength of being together, not alone, that offered solace. Marriage isn’t about one relying on the other, but rather both drawing strength from each other; that’s what I believe true love is. Their commitment to consistently engaging in video chats, never missing a chance to communicate, played a pivotal role in leading them to marriage.


Online dating algorithm:

I’d like to share an intriguing story I heard from Jason. Jason has a twin sister who was also partaking in online dating around the same time he was. Interestingly, the algorithm of the online dating system, which might have utilized some form of artificial intelligence, continually recommended Jason’s own twin sister’s profile as a potential match for him.
This experience made Jason realize that relying solely on machine-generated matches doesn’t always yield the desired outcomes. It led him to entrust his partner search to professional matchmakers, valuing human intuition and expertise over algorithms.


It turned out to be the right choice! The fact that Jason chose the marriage agency, TJM, where he met Yoriko and ultimately decided to marry her, speaks volumes.


Deep vertical relationships vs. broad, surface-level horizontal relationships:

It might be hard to believe, but Yoriko was the only person we introduced to Jason, and he focused solely on her from the very beginning of his matchmaking journey.
Successful matches tend to be those where the role of the matchmaker becomes almost invisible. These successful pairs face each other early on, engaging in a deep and prolonged exchange. It’s this drive of wanting to “understand this person on a deeper level!” that leads to the growth of depth in the relationship. We refer to this as cultivating a “deep vertical relationship,” and it’s a strategy we advocate for all our members.


On the other hand, even if we introduce a good match, there are those who think, “There must be a better date out there,” or “There’s surely more potential!” and wish to go on dates with as many people as possible. These individuals often hope for broader, surface-level relationships, saying things like “Introduce me to more and more suitable dates!” We don’t advocate for this “approach” of seeking wide but shallow connections, mainly because making judgments on a superficial basis is unproductive due to the limited information available.


🌸 🌸 🌸


If you’re seeking a multitude of encounters or quantity in dating, using online dating can introduce you to a vast number of candidates. However, even if you meet many people, if you cannot connect deeply with someone at an emotional level, no number of encounters will lead to marriage. If you’ve spent years on online dating and still haven’t met your destined partner, consider trying marriage consultation services where the focus is on deeply understanding your partner vertically. It will require the readiness to pause and reconsider your current approach.


In marriage consultation services like TJM, only those who are truly serious about marriage, like Jason and Yoriko, register. Thus, even without meeting dozens of candidates, there are quite a few cases where marriage is quickly decided upon.

Trusting the matchmaker, embracing the connections introduced, and quietly confronting and deeply understanding each other is the key to success.


By skipping this process and just briefly glancing at profiles, you really won’t understand anything about the other person. With platforms like Tinder, what do you truly understand about someone by just swiping on your phone screen in a split second?
Apologies, these are the candid thoughts of a matchmaker. 🙂


If you’re truly serious about wanting to get married by the end of the year, please consider consulting with a matchmaker at a marriage agency. Instead of just relying on your own methods, truly listen to the expert advice and endorsement of a matchmaker. If you’re someone who is serious about marriage and willing to truly listen, feel free to reach out anytime.


Like Jason and Yoriko, you might find your destined partner quicker than you think.

Miracles happen based on your actions!


Naoko Matsumoto
Founder & CEO
Traditional Japanese Matchmaker (TJM)


Naoko Matsumoto Traditional Japanese Matchmaker

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