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Do you want to marry a Japanese Woman

To Gentlemen Who Want to Marry a Japanese Woman

“We got married!”
“We are engaged!”
“I proposed!”
“We are in a great relationship!”
“Everything is fine with us!”

Recently, we have been a lot of GREAT NEWS from our male and female members. We are so glad that we could help them in finding their ideal marriage partners. Our success rate for men is extremely high. About 80% of our male members find a match on our website.

Mr. A (Maryland, US) and Miss Y (Chiba, Japan)
Mr. A went to meet Miss Y in May 2018. He visited her and spent a wonderful time with her in Japan. In September, Miss Y visited him in Maryland. They came to meet us in Baltimore. Thank you very much. We enjoyed meeting them. Almost monthly, I talk with him as we provide 10 premier consultations for full members. I feel like they are my family or my old friends. Mr. A became our full member in February this year, and visited Japan in May. She visited him in September. It didn’t take long time to get along since they met.
These are photos that were taken when we met.
marry a Japanese womanWe are in a great relationship!

Mr.J (Texas, US) and Miss A (Tokyo, Japan)
Miss A wrote to us that Mr. J proposed to her in Santa Monica where they were staying during their summer vacation. She looks so happy! He is going to relocate to Japan after they get married. It must be adventurous for him! She is very supportive and both of them are looking forward to starting their happy marriage in Japan.
This is the photo she sent to us.

We are engaged

The other recent successful couples are as follows.


Mr. A (Washington, US) and Miss S (Japan):
They are going to have a wedding ceremony in Japan this month.

Mr. I (San Francisco, US) and Miss M (Japan):
They are engaged.

Mr.B (San Francisco, US) and Miss S (Japan):
They are engaged.

Mr. I (San Francisco, US) and Miss A (Japan):
They are engaged.

Mr. D (Connecticut, US) and Miss S (Japan):
They are engaged.

Mr. S (San Diego, US) and Miss M (Japan):
They are engaged.

Mr. M (San Francisco, US) and Miss Y (Japan):
They are engaged.

We have so many other couples who are now corresponding and creating harmonious relationships. We are looking forward to hearing GREAT NEWS from them soon.

If you are single and looking for a Japanese woman as a lifelong partner, and you are reading my blog, you have found the right place. Take action, and contact us and schedule your Free Consultation with one of our experienced matchmakers. We are always happy to assist you!


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