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TJM's Successful Couples' Testimonials


Japanese Women







On the 10th day in August,
We received great news from our clients as follows.


Three of our couple members told us,

“We would like to change our relationship status!
We are now exclusive!!!”

One couple members said,

“We are engaged!”

One of our female members is working on obtaining a fiancé visa and getting ready to relocate to the US.
The other female member is about to leave for the US to start a new life with her fiancé.

TJL is so glad to hear that many of our female members are happy and excited to be reaching their goals. Their dreams are coming true!!!!

All of TJL’s staff members are always delighted to hear of good news like this. Our members’ huge efforts create real results! And, we are honored for being able to assist our members in reaching their happy dreams!

We wish our new couples,

“May your happiness last forever!”

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