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Meet Japanese Women Speed Dating Singles Event in Tokyo Japan

Singles Event in TOKYO is on Sat. July 6th 2019: Registration Now Open


We are so excited to announce TJM’s Annual Singles Event in Tokyo. This year, the event is in the afternoon on Sat. July 6th 2019.

Since most of our male members are joining us from all over the world, we are announcing this event earlier before air ticket prices go up. Also, we offer early bird tickets for people who sign up now. Here are the event’s details and we will update as news becomes available.


Singles Event in TOKYO is on Sat. July 6th 2019

【DATE】Sat. July 6th 2019
【TIME】 Afternoon (details TBA. Please allow a time slot for all afternoon for it.)

【Event Venue】A Wine Bar in Shibuya Tokyo


Standard Ticket: $160 (April 1st to May 31st 23:59 EST.)
Late Ticket: $210 (June 1st to June 30th 23:59 EST)

【Cancellation Policy】

90% Refund Before March 31st. at 23:59(EST)
60% Refund Before April 30th at 23:59(EST)
30% Refund Before May 31st. at 23:59(EST)
0% Refund  After June 1st at 0:00(EST)

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Who Can Join TJM’s Singles Event?
TJM’s Full Members


What Are the Benefits of Joining TJM’s Single Events?
You can meet more than 10 to 20 single Japanese women at one event. Usually, more women join than men. If too many women apply, we will separate into two event times in one day. It means you might meet 20 single Japanese women in a day.

Meeting as many women as possible is great for you as it increases your chance of meeting someone special and we also offer the option of individual one on one meetings during your stay in Japan. Individual meetings are more effective and are great opportunities for you, especially if you have previously communicated with some of our female members.

You can start communicating by email, texting, messenger, and Skype with some of our female members before visiting Japan.

Special GUESTS!

Satomi Ohama: Imago Therapy Practitioner
Click the following link to read about Mrs. Satomi Ohama.

Mr. X and Y:
One of our member couples who recently got married, and they decided to start their new life in TOKYO. You can talk with them directly to ask how wonderful it is to marry a Japanese woman!


If you want to marry a Japanese woman, but you haven’t taken action yet, joining our Singles Event is a great opportunity to get yourself motivated. Please join today and you will be getting closer to your dream!
We look forward to meeting with you in Tokyo on Sat. July 6th!



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