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Japanese Women’s English Speaking Skills

Many of our male clients ask, “Can Japanese women speak English?”


We understand that our male clients expect that our female clients to have a high level of English speaking skills. We are happy to report that our Japanese women have a high degree of competence in their English speaking abilities. Here is a summary of their abilities and how to communicate better with Japanese women.


1) Most of our female members have studied and/or worked abroad
2) All of our female members are studying English
3) Help her learn English
4) Language is not the only method to communicate with her
5) Bridge the communication gap by learning Japanese 



1) Most of our female members have studied and/or worked abroad
Most of our female members have experienced studying and/or working abroad programs. This experience has made them curious to meet gentlemen of different cultural backgrounds.




2) All of our female members are studying English
Many of our female members study English after work or through an online English school. Online language schools are popular and inexpensive since they provide services by the internet. Every day they are making an effort to learn English.



3) Help her learn English
You can be the person to help her learn English. Ways to help her improve her English language skills include talking and texting to her every day, reading the same book and watching a movie in English and discussing it, corresponding with her via email, correcting her English in a kind and encouraging way when she speaks or writes, and so on. When you start communicating with her, you can support her in improving her English skills.



4) Language is not the only method to communicate with her
There are many couples who cannot communicate well even though they speak the same language. It means that language is not the only method to communicate with her. Other communication methods include your body language, your smile, your eye contact, your touch, your hug, and so on. Using all communication methods, as well as speaking English, will help you both understand each other.


5) Bridge the communication gap by learning Japanese
If the other methods of communication are not working so well, then another option is for you to learn or improve your Japanese language skills in order to be able to communicate with her smoothly. You will understand that she is making a lot of effort to learn English when you start studying Japanese.


I started an international matchmaking company in 1999. When I established my company, I could not speak English at all. I started making an effort to study English for myself to meet an American man and to grow my own business. 


I studied English at UNLV in 2004 and moved to Los Angeles in 2005. I met my future husband in Los Angeles and got married in 2006. 


I appreciate that my husband is patient and a good listener. He supports me in my study of English every day. The blogs that I write, including this one, are a collaborative project with my husband. Actually, my 10-year-old son also helps with my misspellings and English grammar. I appreciate that my family always gives me encouragement and support. 


We understand that you are worrying about the Japanese woman’s communication skills, but we want you to understand that it is you who can support her and give her encouragement.



Friends who have known me before I came to the US often say, “Naoko, your English is fabulously improved!” I think so too! However, I still want to improve even more.


And then……


I have made two big commitments for 2020.
1. Joining Toastmasters.
2)YouTube in English.


I will report on my progress on this blog in the future!



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