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Meet and Greet with Japanese Women in Tokyo on July 2nd 2017

Our 2017 Meet & Greet with Japanese Women in Japan

We would like to announce that we will host our 2017 Meet & Greet with Japanese Women in Japan. It will be held on Saturday, July 1st or 2nd. I hope gentlemen all over the world will be easily able to join us since we have announced this event 6 months ahead. The details have not been planned yet, but it may include Speed Dating, BBQ Party, or other events. If you have any ideas or preferences, please share with us. Here are some reasons that we highly recommend that you attend our event next year.


See the places where my dates were born, have been growing up and be living:

I believe that most of our male members who want to meet a Japanese woman as a lifelong partner are familiar with Japan, Japanese culture, Japanese foods, and many other things related to Japan. However, things in Japan are changing very quickly. For example, if the reason you are interested in getting married to a Japanese woman is because you like the KUROSAWA movies, you may be stunned when you visit Japan to learn that there is no longer any SAMURAI culture in Japan. Young Japanese women don’t know who Akira Kurosawa is. If you are crazy about Japanese Anime, you will need to know that typical Japanese women feel that people who are fanatic about Anime are strange or fringe.

To see what’s currently going on in Japan is fascinating and very important to understanding the culture. You will learn many things if you see the places your dates were born, grew up, and live now. It will help you to understand them much better.



Japanese women in Japan are NOT westernized, they are more traditional:

I met so many Japanese women in NYC. They are very westernized. I understand that they need to be strong and independent in order to survive in the biggest American city. To compare with them, Japanese women in Japan are more traditional and not as strong willed. If you have only been corresponding with women in the US or other cities outside of Japan, you will surely notice a difference between Japanese women in Japan and outside of Japan. It may be helpful for you to lean about this difference to help you decide which you prefer in order for you to achieve your goal of a happy marriage.



Our program of inviting men to visit Japan is unique:

Most matchmaking companies that are in the US or Europe are only for local people. We are the only company who hosts events in Japan and invites men to visit Japan. Our system is very unique. At our past events in Japan, women came from Hokkaido to Okinawa, and men came  from all over the world. Our Japan events are a wonderful opportunity for single men and Japanese women to meet at a fun and welcoming setting. We are proud of providing such unique opportunities.


Only Marriage Minded Members:
All of our male and female participants are marriage minded. This means you will not waste your time with members who do not want to marry. Rather, you will only meet our female members who are ready to get married.


Private Individual Meetings:
If you prefer, we are available to arrange private, individual meetings with our Japanese female members for you when you visit Japan. So you may use your time effectively, you may start communicating with some of your candidates before meeting them in person in Japan.


We welcome you to join us in 2017! So, mark your calendars now for July 1 and 2, and plan your Japan vacation now! You are the only one who can create the life you want. We are happy to assist you!

We are looking forward to meeting with you at our 2017 Meet & Greet with Japanese Women in Japan Event!


Naoko Matsumoto: CEO and Your Personal Matchmaker

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