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Would You Like to Find a Japanese Woman before Valentine’s Day 2021?

We hosted our first Zoom event of 2021, “Coffee and Cocktails Break with Japanese Women”, on Sat. Feb 13th, 2021.


This event is our popular Zoom event.  Four men and four women joined the event and talked to each other for 15 minutes in the breakdown room on Zoom.


It was a fun and warm atmosphere in a private space.


All participants found a person to communicate with and exchanged their contact info with each other.


How fabulous that they all met a nice person at the beginning of 2021!


By the way, we hosted the same kind of event in December 2020, and one of the couples that formed at that event have committed to an exclusive relationship. It has been just a month since they met at our event and started a great relationship.


They changed their communicating status to “EXCLUSIVE”.


Our Zoom events really work and all of our participants say, “I really enjoyed it!!”


Our next event is on Feb. 13th in 2021. It is just one day before Valentine’s Day. 


If you are interested in joining our Zoom event, “Coffee and Cocktails Break with Japanese Women”, please contact us. This event is for Full Members only and there is a process to become our member.



The female members who join our event are sincerely looking for a lifelong partner. If you are still thinking about becoming our member, joining this event is a great opportunity for you to see how our membership works.


We wish that you will find a Japanese woman with whom you will be able to spend a romantic Valentine’s Day.


Please contact us ASAP if you are interested in our event!


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