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Do Japanese Women Dance?

Do Japanese Women Dance?

At our event in Tokyo one of our male clients asked, “Do Japanese women dance?”

I am not sure what kind of dance that he was referring to, but I assume he meant western dance. Unfortunately, there are not many opportunities for Japanese people to dance. For instance, we do not have high school dances.

If your Japanese girlfriend can dance very well, most likely she either took dance classes or she goes to night clubs very often. Are women who dance all night at night clubs marriage minded? Generally not so it would not be wise to seek your girlfriend there. Would you really prefer to meet a Japanese woman who can dance very well?

If you ask a typical Japanese woman if she can dance, she most likely will be very embarrassed and say,

“I can’t dance!!!”

Please don’t be disappointed. She just does not have much experience dancing. When she learns how to dance you can dance together. If you are enthusiastic about dancing, and you want to dance with her, you can teach her how to dance or you can take dance classes together and she will enjoy dancing with you.

By the way, singing at a Karaoke box is very popular in Japan. Karaoke is a part of Japanese culture. Even though she may not dance well, she might be able to sing Karaoke very well. When you visit Japan, try Karaoke with her and you may enjoy it and she may become more attractive to you.


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