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Japanese Beauty Newsletter

Japanese Beauty Newsletter Update

We would like to announce an update to our “Japanese Beauty Newsletter”.

Due to privacy and security concerns, we will no longer show our female members photos on our regular newsletter. Our latest female members’ photos will only be shown to members who meet our qualifications and follow the three steps below. They will receive the exclusive members’ newsletter which shows our latest female members’ photos.


Step 1. Please sign up for TJL’s regular newsletter. https://meetjapanlady.com/Step1.htm

Step 2. Please complete the Free Profile Registration, and schedule the Free Consultation with a TJM Matchmaker. (The link is in our regular newsletter.)

Step 3. After you have completed Steps 1 and 2, you are welcome to sign up for the Newsletter for TJM Members. If you are already a member, just complete Step3, and you will receive our Japanese Beauty Newsletter with the latest female members’ photos. (The link is in our regular newsletter.)


We protect our members’ privacy. Here is a link to our Privacy Policy. We only disclose our female members’ information to our male members who have completed their membership application procedures and who meet our membership qualifications. Thank you for your understanding.

Please take note of these changes and contact us to get started today! We are here to assist you in finding your Japanese woman! Look for the changes in our Japanese Beauty Newsletter!

Naoko Matsumoto
CEO and Your Personal Matchmaker
Traditional Japanese Matchmaker


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