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  • Happy New Year 2023!!! We Had a Great Trip to Japan!


Happy New Year 2023

Happy New Year 2023!!! We Had a Great Trip to Japan!

Happy New Year 2023!


We visited our family in Japan during the December 2022 holiday, and we just came back and have been catching up on our work schedule since last week.


On this visit, we celebrated our nephew’s wedding ceremony, Christmas, and New Year’s in Japan. In addition, we went to Okinawa in order to seek warmth.


My husband, who is German American, was not very positive about traveling to Japan before going there because of the timing of the trip.


However, after the trip, he turned out to be VERY positive toward Japan, Japanese people, and Japanese culture. What makes him fascinated?

Here are some reasons and comments on how my husband was amazed by what he saw in Japan.


✅ Japanese women are beautiful.

✅ Japanese People are stylish.

✅ Japanese People are kind and polite.

✅ The Japanese economy is thriving.

✅ Japan is a shopper’s paradise.

✅ Public transportation is very convenient.

✅ Streets are clean.

✅ Buildings are solid.

✅ Inexpensive.

✅ Great cuisine.


Japanese women are beautiful.

According to my own personal opinion, Japanese women are beautiful since it seems to be the norm to take care of one’s body through a nutritious diet and not overindulge. As a result, most Japanese women are slim and well educated.


Japanese People are stylish.

It struck me how stylishly dressed and well-groomed most Japanese people appeared in the Tokyo region. They do not live in a car-based society, so paying attention to one’s appearance is very important since one is constantly seen by others. Japanese people are often dressed in black or dark-toned clothing, which pairs well with black hair and makes a striking appearance.


Japanese People are kind and polite.

I found the Japanese society very civil in the public realm. Stores’ employees actually greet you as you walk by. In a private setting, Japanese people are very kind and polite. It was a very welcome change from the “me first” attitude and road rage seen in the US.


The Japanese economy is thriving.

The Japanese economy seems to be thriving, contrary to some popular news reports. In the outskirts of Tokyo, there were stores everywhere, even at many subway stops, and they were all busy with many shoppers. I contrast that with my hometown in the US, where there are many empty buildings and streets.


Japan is a shopper’s paradise.

I was amazed at the quantity and diversity of stores in the Tokyo region. There was no sign of supply issues. Japanese people seem to love shopping, and that is reflected in the number of shops seen. And, it is a much more pleasant shopping experience since the employees are actually helpful and respectful. They greet you when you enter a store. Customer service is very important in Japan.


Public transportation is very convenient.

The public transportation in Japan is excellent and much better than in the US. You can get around everywhere in Japan without needing to drive a car. The subway system in Tokyo is fast and efficient. The trains are some of the best in the world. We traveled within Tokyo and to other cities all using mass transit, and I found it to be very relaxing. I felt much less stressed since I didn’t have to drive a car.


Streets are clean.

The streets in the Tokyo region were remarkably clean and devoid of any trash or bad smells. New York City is put to shame for the terrible odors emanating from the heaps of trash bags piled on the sidewalks. It was pleasant to walk in Tokyo, as the sidewalks were clear and odor-free.
Buildings are solid.


Buildings are solid.

The buildings in Japan appear well constructed and designed. I believe that buildings are required to be earthquake-resistant in Japan. And, new constructions are built to last.



Japan is very affordable and rather inexpensive compared to the US. Dining out was much cheaper in Japan. Currently, the yen is weaker than the US dollar, so the exchange rate is favorable for Americans.


Great cuisine.

Many fine-dining restaurants and a wide diversity of cuisines can be found in Japan. Our family had no trouble finding plant-based restaurants in the Tokyo region, and the food was delightful.

Can you tell that I think that living in Japan is great??!!!


Roland, thank you for your comments!


I hope these comments will help you to encourage you to visit Japan since Japan is now open to travelers from all over the world.


Naoko Matsumoto
Founder & CEO of Traditional Japanese Matchmaker

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