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Naoko Matsumoto

Naoko Matsumoto

My ○○th Birthday

Naoko MatsumotoIt was my ○○th Birthday on May 27th.
I received lots of greeting messages from my Facebook account.
Thank you very much! I do enjoy receiving birthday greetings.


Please do not ask how old I am 🙂


Even though I was asked what I want for a birthday gift, there are no special things that I want.


Recently, I have begun to think that I would prefer to enjoy things that are not materialistic, rather I would like to enjoy abstract things, such as, fun experiences, my family’s health, feeling love, and my own relaxation time, and so on.


I suppose that I want fewer things and more experiences since I am getting older.


When I received a beautiful birthday card, pink potted flowers, and my favorite chocolate bar, and saw that they were from my husband, I felt happy, and I said thank you to him.


I appreciate that my husband and son are close to me and they celebrate my birthday with me. It is very special time for me.
I have many opportunities to consult with career minded single Japanese women. Sometimes, when I talk with them they say, “I don’t think I really want to get married.”


I understand because she enjoys her freedoms and her single lifestyle. She can use her time and money for whatever she wants. If she believes choosing “being single” is the right thing, it may be fine for her right now.


However, I can see her true feelings when she says, “I have a fear of being alone in the future.”
If she had a big commitment to being single for the rest of her lifetime, she may not have made an appointment for my consulting.


She came to meet me because she has feelings of “To be honest, I want to get married,” “I need to hear the reasons for getting married,” “I want someone to support me in getting married.”


Getting married or not getting married, which way is happier? I can see her mixed feelings.


I respect her feelings, but I simply tell her my honest thoughts.
“Getting married may be a great experience for you.”
“You may feel peaceful moments when being with someone.”
“You will learn and experience lots of new experiences that you would have never known.”
“You will find a whole new meaning to your life.”
I encourage and support her with my words if she worries about her future life.


Since I myself feel that “Getting married was a great experience,” I just tell my clients my honest feelings during their consultations.


At my birthday, I received greeting cards from my husband, son, and my mother in law.
Many years ago, when I was a single, I would not have been able to imagine such a wonderful moment would come.


Meeting your one and only is finding someone who is one in several billion. Getting married happily changed my life, and I am having wonderful moments every day with my loving family that is a miracle for me.

This is what I thought about at my ○○th birthday.

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