AI, Traditional Japanese Matchmaker in Australia


Ms. Ai is here to support your TJM journey from Oceania. She too has experienced international marriage, having married a foreign partner rather than a Japanese man. Ms. Ai primarily handles free initial consultations for men, offering convenient scheduling options in the evening hours after work, typically between 4 PM and 10 PM (PST).

※Please check your timezoon and Ai’s availability, or inquire directly with Ai to confirm her availability.

During the initial consultation, Ms. Ai will address all your questions, provide a comprehensive overview of the TJM system, and inquire about your ideal Japanese partner preferences.

If you proceed with profile registration and share your detailed preferences, our matchmakers can handpick suitable Japanese women who align with your criteria.

Please note that Ai’s name is pronounced “Eye” (アイ) rather than the English pronunciation of “AI.” It’s a popular and beautiful name for Japanese women.